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Best historical sites in Italy

Italy has many great places to visit and if you intend to travel to a destination where is a wide choice of excellent historic and cultural attractions. If you are interested in history, Italy can be one of the best choices and the country has attractions to see that date back thousands of years. You should not miss the famous Capri. There are many historic locations to visit in Italy with the following being some of the best of these.

The Ruins of Pompeii

The ruins of the town of Pompeii are a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the south of Italy near Naples. The town lay near Mount Vesuvius which is an active volcano and this was its downfall. Around 2,000 years ago in 79AD a massive eruption of the volcano buried the town below a depth of up to 6m of ash. The town was lost to the world for almost 1,500 years before being rediscovered during the 16th century. Since this time much of the ash has been excavated to reveal the town below and provide a glimpse of life in Italy when the Roman Empire was at the height of its power. There are many parts of the city open to visitors and it can be a fascinating location to walk around and see the buildings that stood in place more than 2,000 years ago. The ruins of Pompeii are one of the most historic sites in Italy and rank as one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country.


The Sistine Chapel

The Vatican City is a small sovereign state located in the center of Rome and ruled by the head of the Catholic Church, the Pope. It is a fantastic location to visit in Italy and has many historic attractions to see. One of the best of these is the Sistine Chapel located in the Apostolic Palace, which is the official residence of the Pope. The chapel must rank as one of the most beautifully decorated buildings in the world with much of the interior painted by some of the greatest Renaissance artists in history. Much of the ceiling of the chapel was painted by Michelangelo over a 4 year period in the early 1500’s and some of the other artists whose work can be seen include Raphael, Botticelli and Bernini. The Sistine Chapel is probably one of the most famous buildings in Rome and is a historic location to visit in Italy.

sistine chapel


The Pantheon is another of Rome’s historic buildings. It has a history that dates back more than 2,000 years with the original building constructed in 31BC by Marcus Agrippa, although it is believed that this building was destroyed and it was rebuilt by Emperor Hadrian around 126AD.

Pantheon in Rome

Pantheon in Rome

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