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Category: Italy Vacations

Milan Main Squre

Best Pubs and Bars in Milan

Apart from mouth-watering dishes, fascinating culture, and monumental architecture, Milan has plenty to offer regarding bars and pubs. This is, undeniably, a city you are yet to get bored of, if ever. We suggest you the following options.

Pantheon in Rome

Best historical sites in Italy

Italy has many great places to visit and if you intend to travel to a destination where is a wide choice of excellent historic and cultural attractions. If you are interested in history, Italy can be one of the best choices and the country has attractions to see that date back thousands of years. You should not miss the famous Capri. There are many historic locations to visit in Italy with the following being some of the best of these.

Piazza di Spagna in Rome

What to NOT Do While In Rome

There are so many things that tourists and locals tell us to do when in Rome. But did you know that there are some things we should not, under any circumstances, do? Not only will it ruin your holiday, but it will leave other tourist and locals looking at you as if you are the ultimate weirdo.