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Our first holidays to Kefalonia

Our first holidays to Kefalonia

Many years ago I realized that what we in the US call safe driving differs entirely from what the rest of the world considers safe driving. Safe driving elsewhere just does not exist. The first time I attempted to drive a car while on holiday in Greece was a nerve wracking experience, I actually saw my life flash in front of my eyes as I tried to drive the way that we were taught to drive here in the States.

While in Greece you not only have the dangerous drivers who believe they own the road, but you have to maneuver through roads that are not well kept, stray goats and lambs wondering through the streets of the villages, people on bicycles, and donkey carts. You have to also watch out for those who stop at every icon and cross set aside the road for those who want to worship, believe me when I say that after driving there I realized why there were so many crosses on the roadside, you had to give thanks for every minute you remained alive!

We booked our holidays to Kefalonia for this year at Traveling from Athens to the shores and beaches was harrowing, I was so happy when I reached my friend’s home that I let him do the remaining driving while staying there.